Meetingrooms, festivities, wedding, teambuilding, ...

Here everything is done to your successful both private and professional event.


For seminars and business meetings, residential or otherwise, for your wedding or other festivities, we offer you two different rooms (Maïeur & Eschevins Room and Mahain Room) and with different capacities. They have an undeniable charm.


All carefully maintained with attentive staff, flexible and warm at your best suit your wishes and requests.


Catering and brewer service are left to the client's choice.


Regressive rates are available on renting the room Maëur & Eschevins when it is associated with housing reservations.


Theirs 14  accommodation (1 to 8 people)  with a maximum total of 68 people, will welcome you like many cozy cocoons!  


Private parking, air conditioning, presentation materials and Wifi are available.

Projection equipment, screen, paper board, erasable white panel, internet access, paper, water, and coffee-breaks are available on request.


For your holiday or a day's work, come live and life in a castle, you will not be disappointed!



Open all year.



60 min Charleroi, Namur, Mons

 Charleville-Mézieres, Maubeuge and Laon